Rely on more than just spreadsheets for your real estate assets

Modern financial modelling tools are incredibly powerful, enabling the precise projection of real estate asset performance within the investment lifecycle – but you won’t find these tools in a spreadsheet.

That’s why you need Valere, a cloud-based financial modelling solution for real estate investors that provides unparalleled visibility into the performance of a specific asset or group of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Valere is designed to help asset managers, investors, lenders and brokers make informed decisions about their assets. Whether you need to determine value for acquisitions or dispositions, prepare detailed cash flow analysis or understand overall financial performance, Valere has your answer.

Your cloud-based financial modelling solution

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Get unparalleled visibility

Into the performance of your assets throughout the investment lifecycle.

Increase forecasting processes

Save time on budgeting.

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Improves your analysis

With an outlook to transform your data into optimal investment decisions.

Generate detailed reports

On the risks and returns, providing transparency to stakeholders.

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Quickly perform sensitivity and scenario analysis

Pass the ‘stress test’ to make faster business decisions.

Let your data work for you

By leveraging your portfolio’s KPIs.

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Benefits of using Valere for financial modelling

Manage multiple property valuations, investments, budgets and portfolios

Project the performance of your assets throughout the investment lifecycle

Increases budgeting and forecasting processes and improves data management and quality

Forecast and analyze the risks and returns for stakeholders

Evaluate the profitability of your property portfolio

Perform sensitivity analysis on scenario planning

Introducing Valere – a forecasting financial valuation tool.

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Valere, provides users with cloud-based financial modelling tools for analyzing asset performance throughout the lifecycle.

Valere’s modules

  • Permanent debt analysis

  • Apartment development budgeting

  • Property level cashflow

  • Ground lease valuation

  • Double promote structure

  • After tax analysis

Valere’s cash flow model

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Land acquisition

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Pre-construction costs

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Construction costs

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Financing and interest expense

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Levered Free Cash Flow

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